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Hey look, it's my blog! I decided to name it CodeSense as a hat tip to my GameSense project, and as my blog's overall theme. I aspire to provide articles, tutorials, code snippets, and musings that simply make sense and are easy to follow and understand.

NBA API PHP Library / nbasense Officially Launched!

Official 1.0.0 release of my new NBA website and API library

by Jason Roman on October 3, 2017  | 

Introducing the NBA Draft Pick Trade Value tool

Run NBA draft pick trade simulations and compare trade value charts.

by Jason Roman on June 23, 2017  | 

Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence Assessment Software Receives Global ACE Award

My BRSE Assessment Software received a Global ACE Award from the Business Marketing Association.

by Jason Roman on May 30, 2017  | 

WESA Launches, Misfires

The World Esports Assocation is looking out for someone...and it isn't you.

by Jason Roman on May 15, 2016  | 

How to Export any Symfony Route to PDF

Use a Symfony Listener to export any route to PDF with no additional controller code.

by Jason Roman on January 19, 2016  | 

Symfony Quirks with Doctrine Inheritance and Unique Constraints

How to make sure your base entity's unique constraints are handled how you would expect.

by Jason Roman on June 8, 2015  | 

GamesSensed: The Importance of the First Frag

Originally published on on July 4, 2005, highlighting the importance of striking early in Counter-Strike matches.

by Jason Roman on March 1, 2015  | 

Symfony Setter Injection and Parent Class Dependencies

Dealing with dependency absence in child class constructors.

by Jason Roman on December 20, 2014  | 

GameSense 10 Year Anniversary - Looking Back, Ahead

Musings on the development of the first official statistics system for professional esports.

by Jason Roman on December 17, 2014  | 

Finding a Real-World Use Case for Setter Injection in Symfony

Despite being my least preferred method of injection, I discover a tangible reason for its use.

by Jason Roman on December 14, 2014  | 

Add Programmer Excuses to Your Eggdrop Bot

Display an excuse from to your channel.

by Jason Roman on July 9, 2014  | 

Automatically Set Bundle Configuration Container Parameters in Symfony

Instead of having to manually set every configurable container parameter for your bundle, let a few lines of code do it for you automatically.

by Jason Roman on April 26, 2014  | 

Set Bundle Configuration Defaults with YAML in Symfony

Configure your bundle default values in YAML instead of PHP, just like how you override them in your applications.

by Jason Roman on April 19, 2014  | 

How to Incorporate WordPress Network-Wide Menus

Use a plugin to reuse multiple menus across your WordPress network.

by Jason Roman on April 16, 2014  | 

Be Careful with Doctrine Magic and Symfony

Eager loading on nullable joined columns may cause unexpected behavior while editing entities with Symfony2 forms.

by Jason Roman on April 8, 2014  | 

Welcome to CodeSense

Cool! You've found my blog.

by Jason Roman on April 6, 2014  |