It doesn't make sense to be a developer for so long and not have any public code to show for it. I am going to make as much code public as I can. Hopefully you can find something useful, whether it is something you can use on an existing project, something to learn from, or simply something to browse for your amusement.


PHP Library to access NBA API endpoints

PHP Flot Charts Library

Transforms PHP arrays into Flot JSON format

Flot Charts Bundle for Symfony2

Symfony2 service for my PHP Flot library

WordPress Network-Wide Menus

Plugin to use the same menu or set of menus across Wordpress networks

Eggdrop Slackbot - Simple Message Relay from IRC to Slack

Relay messages from IRC channels to Slack channels

Twig Extension Bundle for Symfony2

Custom Twig Filters for Symfony2

Flot Topbar Plugin

Specifies bar chart series to display just the top line of the bar and not fill in the area below

Flot Barnumbers Enhanced Plugin

Enhanced version of barnumbers plugins to draw bar numbers in charts

Flot Compare Series Plugin

Compares one or more series to a base series and modifies series colors based on the differences