This is my website. At first I thought about using the new Ghost blogging platform and Discourse for comments, but ultimately decided against it. I steered away from Ghost because it was a little too early on in its development. I steered away from Discourse because while it let you embed comments to blog posts, you could not add comments from that post. I believe that this probably stemmed from a stubborn philosophical stance, so I just went with Disqus.

I'm also very picky with all of my code, so I just wrote a Symfony2 application and implemented a Bootstrap template. I also used MySQL for the database since I'm not doing anything crazy and I like phpMyAdmin's interface much better than raw SQL queries or pgAdmin.


I decided that it was finally time to create my own website as a place to record my coding history, projects, repositories, and resume. I also wanted to start a blog to dispense and share some of the knowledge and coding tips I have gained over the past 15 years of software development.

Jason Roman


Project Dates:
March 1, 2014 -

My Role(s):
Lead Developer, Owner

Technologies Used:
Apache  Bootstrap  CSS3  DataTables  Doctrine  HTML5  Javascript  MySQL  PHP  Symfony2  Twig