PayAnywhere allows merchants to accept credit card payments on their tablets and mobile devices. I was part of the team that redesigned and restructured the corporate website using Symfony2. I also created the store locator which uses the Google Maps API . I created custom javascript and PHP classes to generically interface with the API, as well as custom database queries to find all stores with a specified radius of a given zip code.

The bulk of my work on PayAnywhere has been on the merchant portal, where merchants can login to the website and manage all aspects of their account. They can see graphs of their sales, search and filter their transactions, view receipts, refer new accounts, manage sub users, and handle administrative information. I was on the team that developed these features, as well as the user authentication and API services.

I am also the team lead and lead developer of custom dashboards for the mobile and tablet versions of PayAnywhere, which provide graphs to analyze transactions and view sales trends, as well as view other aggregate data such as total sales, number of transactions, and average dollar amount per sale. This required creating custom Javascript plugins in Flot to handle the graphs.

North American Bancard


Project Dates:
April 9, 2012 -

My Role(s):
Developer, Lead Developer, Team Lead