Flot Barnumbers Enhanced Plugin

This is a custom Flot Charts plugin that is a fork of an existing plugin (barnumbers) and provides additional labeling and formatting options.

One issue that has been fixed is the ability to set all of your options on a per-series basis - the original's options were globally applied to every series in the chart. The numbers drawn on the chart had no option to change the font or the colors, so I added that capability. There was also no way to format the numbers, so now you can specify a callback function and format the numbers in each series however you like, such as adding a $ for monetary values.

I also resolved issues with the drawing of the values themselves. If the bar itself was small, the text could overlap - so I provided a threshold value that when specified, would allow you to display the values above the bar rather than inside it, combined with exact pixel offsets for complete control.

The following example shows off these additional features:

More explanation can be found in the code and on the README of the Repository.