nbaSense is my set of software tools for basketball analysis. This project focuses on providing informational and easy-to-use tools for the entire range of NBA enthusiasts, from professional scouts and coaches to the casual fan. My approach is a bit different than traditional methods of merely crunching numbers and performing raw statistical analysis.

Raw information is great, but ultimately ineffective without an easy way to record, calculate, interpret, report on, and visualize that information. Providing that for end-users has been my area of expertise throughout my career, and the NBA is one of my passions, so combining the two was a natural fit.

The first tool in my software suite deals with Draft Pick Trade Values. Inspired by ESPN's Kevin Pelton's trade value columns, I created a tool with several features:

  • Provides an unlimited number of trade value charts per user, with versioning
  • Displays each trade value chart with an automated line graph of the values
  • Perform trade value chart comparisons, both with raw numbers and on a combined line graph
  • Run draft pick trade simulations and compare the value received vs. the value returned, to help make smarter trades
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Stay updated with my blog as I add more tools to this project.

Jason Roman


Project Dates:
June 8, 2017 -

My Role(s):
Creator, Lead Developer, Owner