I have created and released an open-source library to extract data from NBA websites' API endpoints. While a few other tools exist for this purpose, most are written in Python or JavaScript. The Python interface makes sense as it is often a popular programming language for analytics. I am writing this software with PHP. Before you snicker at the programming language choice, I know of at least one NBA team that uses PHP for their analytics platform. Since most of my present work is in PHP and I wanted to use this library with the Symfony framework to create my own platform, I decided to leverage the latest features of PHP7 and Symfony.

I have three goals with the NBA Stats API:

  1. Provide other developers with another programming language to develop their own analytics platform
  2. Create the standard set of documentation of endpoints/requests/parameters for other developers to reference, regardless of programming language
  3. Use this software to develop my own analytics software suite
This is a work-in-progress, so check back frequently!

View the NBA API PHP Library on GitHub