North American Bancard Tools Suite

As a developer at North American Bancard, most of my time has been devoted to development on PayAnywhere, however I was able to bring my knowledge and expertise of developing internal web applications to NAB. Because of this, I was commissioned to work on two internal tools.

The first tool was a Timecard Tracking system. There was only a rudimentary system to track user times by task in a system that wasn't meant to be a timecard system. I wrote an entirely new system in Symfony2 that kept track of employee hours and the tasks they worked on, while interfacing with this old system. Eventually I was able to wean off the old system entirely by writing conversion scripts to our new system that tracked hours by project. This application also includes a variety of aggregate data reports to track metrics such as project costs and hours spent.

The second tool I developed as a Recruiting Portal using Symfony2 and Bootstrap for the front-end. This system records potential new employees for all positions in the company. You can track candidates, download resumes, schedule interviews, and record notes all throughout the process.

North American Bancard

Project Dates:
February 1, 2013 -

My Role(s):
Creator, Lead Developer

Technologies Used:
AJAX  Apache  Bootstrap  CSS  CSS3  DataTables  HTML5  Javascript  jQuery  PHP  PostgreSQL  Symfony2  Twig