Eggdrop Slackbot - Simple Message Relay from IRC to Slack

I love Slack. Ever since our team at work switched to it, communication has become so much easier, and with features like JIRA integrations it has also improved our productivity by receiving faster notifications of important information. We had previously used IRC to communicate; this worked just fine, but due to firewall restrictions we could not view messages unless we were at work or connected via VPN. This wasn't ideal - we wanted to receive messages pushed to our phones without having to resort to email. So I was tasked with finding a better method of communication. I stumbled upon Slack and we haven't looked back since.

This Eggdrop bot was born from that move away from IRC. The initial switch to Slack took some time, and there were some who were so entrenched with IRC that they did not immediately switch. I wanted a way to still view their messages, so I created an Eggdrop bot that would sit in IRC and relay their messages over to Slack. Since the channel names did not always correspond 1:1 I added support to map channels. I also created the ability to ignore certain messages - for example, other commands from the bot.

The README contains all of the technical details to set it up for your own use.

Eventually we eliminated IRC entirely and no longer use this bot, but it may be useful for others so feel free to use it!